3 Job Interview Questions to Determine if you’re an Entrepreneur

Have you ever been through an interview process for a job, and have been asked what seem to be oddball questions? Sometimes, it seems like the Bridge of Death from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

HR people will tell you that simple questions like, “What is your favorite car?” are designed to probe deep into your psyche and reveal your inner thought process.  I’ve decided to do a simple example of crazy interview questions, a classic answer, and what I believe to be the entrepreneurial answer.

HR: What is your favorite animal at the zoo and why?

Classic Answer: The Lion, because he is King of the Jungle.

Entrepreneur:  I own the zoo. Which animals do you need? I’m sure we can come to some arrangement.

HR:  If you could be a tree, what type would you be?

Classic Answer: A redwood, with a large trunk and vast network of roots.

Entrepreneur: You need a tree? I have a truck and a chainsaw. Tell me which one you want, and I’ll be back tomorrow with it.

HR: What’s your five year plan?

Classic Answer: I’ll have your job in 5 years (wink, chuckle).

Entrepreneur:  You’ll be working for me at my new startup.

As you leave the interview you think, I could start a business like that. If you answer these questions like me you have an entrepreneur spirit.

It may be obvious I have never had a job from an interview.

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