About Me


Life brings a variety of experiences,  I have been an entrepreneur for 14 years and served in the military for 6 years. I have traveled to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Mexico, China, Kuwait and Iraq. My Spanish isn’t to shabby. I love ideas, dreams and hard work. I have a hobby farm, a wood shop and I have many ideas I like to share. I want to create a Think Tank or a safe places where ideas can be discussed, shared and developed.

I was born and raised in Southern California,  Spent 2 years in Costa Rica.  In college I became a slum lord and had a DJ Business.  I later enter the Barter Industry and 9/11 kicked my trash.  I have also done construction, foreclosures, ammunition etc.  At 35 I joined the Army and served 6 years.  I’m starting the next chapter in my life curious to where it will lead me. I have a great network and great friends.

My talent is that I am a finder and a problem solver.  I find amazing people with a unique talents. Perhaps I can share some of the Amazing people I have met along my journey and the lessons I’ve learned.

My Purpose for this blog is I think the internet is filled with fluff and lucky heroes. I want to share some reality and actual experiences in the trenches. The truth might not be popular. At this point in time I’m not doing this for money. perhaps one day I can revisit that idea. I do not believe in cheap ads and paid gimmicks. low crawl