Amazing People, B Money

Not every Financial Manager and CFO is called “B money “and to protect his identity due to the nature of business and privacy B Money will have to suffice. I met B Money about 10 years ago.  He was one of Bill Gates former financial Advisors managing $1.5 Billion.  His resume was cool and we did a few small ventures together. Granted, like any good CFO, B money was autistic with numbers and created excel programs for fun. I noticed that he was always honest and if a venture appeared to be doomed he returned the money or let you know it was time to get out. In today’s shark tank you don’t get that kind of treatment. He could have easily manipulated the the situation or taken care of himself first. A lot of so called “successful” people leave “bodies” in their wake as they climb to the top of their little mountain. Being successful is more than just reaching the top on the road to success, but I feel it is more of who you were able to bring with you. It is a rare quality to find some with this kind of integrity in today’s world that I found in B Money. I hear a lots of talk about having a mentor, but what’s even better is when than Mentor is your friend.

I’m sure B Money’s head will be super inflated when he reads this, I just want to thank him for his integrity, honesty and being a friend. He never seems to get tired of listening to all my ideas.  The world could use more men like B Money.

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