Amazing People: Black Suits and Engines


I had the chance to meet Leo back in 2000.  He had gray hair and drove a white Tundra, I think he was in his 80’s. He claimed to work with an amazing German scientist after WW2. He had 13 patents and told many stories, one of which was from the 80’s where his company was raided by black suits and everything was confiscated.  I had herd of this type of conspiracy stuff before, but never from a first hand account. The company he worked with had designed a method for getting 80 miles to the gallon. Their prototype was in an old muscle cars and it worked. After everything was confiscated all employees were told their product was dangerous and they needed to find a new jobs. Crazy right.  He laughed and said, “The black suits took everything but they missed the prototype hidden in plain sight in the parking lot.”The concept was simple.  Turn the fuel into a gas state rather than how we use it as a liquid or vapor.  So Simple right, and much more efficient.

On this particular day, we went to see a new engine that had 7 moving parts.  I signed the NDA and we watched a video and looked at this engine. It was an awkward oval and cylinder shaped and had a perpendicular plate like disc that spun.  It weighed 150 pounds and had 200 horse power. The man who created this engine had called the big guys in the auto industry and they told him that. “They had been making engines for 100 years and they knew everything about engines.” The auto industry did not care to see his product. The guy who made this engine was stuck and could not get past the prototype phase. Leo was full of ideas and loved seeing the hidden treasure of the world. Leo was like a mad scientist and the few times I met him, Leo stretched my mind.

I only met Leo a hand full of times and I thank him for being awesome.

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