Amazing People: CPT Wood Leadedship


I was blessed to be around a few soldiers that inspired me.  CPT Wood ranks at the top. Army leadership is very different from civilian leadership. The military is a dictatorship and sometimes if you were lucky you had the opportunity to serve with some natural leaders. CPT Wood did not allow any negativity to be around him. If you were a turd he distanced himself from you. He was positive and obstacles were something to be eliminated or manipulated. He was always out in front and it did not take a guineas to know who was in charge. Being on his team several times we destroyed any competition in front of us. He pulled us together and had such confidence that any doubt and fear was removed. Even when the job sucked it was a pleasure to work in the presence greatness. Everything that we did was a competition and we pushed ourselves. Behind the scenes he stuck up for you. He was very vocal and you always new where you stood. He also believed in everyone and sounds like a coach. In fact I think of him as a coach, he did it naturally. This particular soldier left a great impression on me which is difficult to do. To this day if this man called me, I’d be there. I trust him with my life.


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