Amazing People: Land Developer

Roseville Rose sculpture

My team and I were meeting with Carl the land developer.  I can still hear his voice and his funny laugh, “Glue, Glue, Glue, Screw, Screw, Screw, Money, Money, Money.”

Carl was an expert in the politics and the zoning.  The Greeks begged him to join their team. Carl said he would work with the Greeks only if they showed Carl how the money flowed. After a period of time The Greeks Finally agreed. Now there are several lines of work that are not taught. Land development is one of them. I was taught that there are 3 legs that have to be balanced.

  • Money
  • Politics
  • Zoning and Planning

Many years ago when Roseville CA was a piece of dirt, Carl’s team was secretly buying up land. They found a local Artist and promoted him to the city. The developer donated a small piece of land for the artist to build on and convinced the city to pay for the material.  Basically the developer manipulated the city. If the city did not support the local artist then the city was the bad guy and did not support the community.  The city eventually paid for the supplies and the artist built this red steel structure. That land mark put Roseville on the map and land values jumped over night worth millions in equity. Don’t under estimate the value of a landmark in business. Today when you driving though Roseville, CA look for the red structure on the side of the freeway. If you blink you’ll miss it. Honestly, I never noticed the structure until I was told about it because the city has all but devoured it.

I don’t need to lecture you on politics, but realize behind the scenes things are carefully planned and carried out.

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