Tai Lopes Analysis

Tai Lopez Analysis using graphology or the study of handwriting analysis.   Here I am in my garage, Thanks Tai Lopez for writing large note board.  I see 2 people.  The guy on camera and a sad negative person. I don’t hate Tai, he proves you can be successful with problems.  At the same time I would not trust him with money.

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New Orleans Part 2- Tent City Tips

Sanitation, Goventment, Water

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Craziest Work Experience.

I was working on a Saturday in North Las Vegas, I will tell you nothing good come from North Las Vegas.  The police are meaner too.  I have been pulled out of my vehicle by police there for a fix-it ticket and to my surprise I had to go to court and pay a fine for a fix-it ticket.  That made me mad.  A $400 fine for some trailer deficiencies.  I was in the foreclosure industry securing properties during the 2007-2008 economic crash.  I had too much work and was at a property I had locked up before.  When I got to the front door I noticed it was unlocked.  My work order was to remove some hazards from the property.  As I moved toward the garage I past a bedroom on the right. My peripheral noticed something unusual. I entered the room slowly as the young man came in to view.  My heart was pounding now. He was kneeling on a large blue plastic storage lid and his eyes were closed.  This young black man was inside the closet.  There was a belt around his neck tied to the coat hanger bar. Beside him was a clear gallon water jug 1/3 filled with pink punch.  I slowly moved forward to poke the body.  I felt like at any second the young man would open his eyes.  I was one inch away and stopped.  I was afraid to touch him.  I knew he was dead, but it looked like he was faking it at the same time.  I backed up and noticed the urine stain on his pants.  After about a minute to gather my thoughts I called 911.  I found myself in the front yard waiting when the first police car blew past the cul-de-sac sirens blazing.  Then a second squad car flew past.  The fourth squad car pulled in and the officer said,  “We have a shooting down the road someone will be with you shortly.”  peeling out he sped off.  5 minutes later a young officer showed up bummed he was called to help me and not the exciting shooting down the road.

I gave my statement 4 different times and hung around 3 hours till I was released. For the next 2 weeks the image of the dead body haunted me when I turned the lights off and walked though the house in darkness,  his image floated in the upper right corner.  Even though I knew it was just my imagination from the unique experience I still felt fear.

Foreclosures were a wild ride in my life.  In the 5000 homes I worked on this one is the most memorable.  In fact I started carrying concealed after this event which I find funny that the dead who could cause me no harm made me want to protect my self but the angry people I dealt with never bothered me.

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My Son has Autism Part 3

As you’ve seen in my videos, we have a small hobby farm on our property.  We have had goats, sheep, chickens, quail, rabbits, and gardens.  Our son really likes the chickens.  We call him the Chicken Whisperer.  His favorite is a Road Island Red named Brunhilda. Sometimes we find chickens in strange places: in the house, under buckets, and one time in the BBQ.  I can’t imagine what the chickens tell each other behind our backs but they still lay eggs so “No harm, No fowl.”

I have always felt that animals would be important for our son.  We try to teach our boy not to chase the animals, and to move slowly and to talk calmly. One time, when the goats were kidding, we invited our son to come see the babies be born.  We told him of the rules and let him join us to watch.  He started running around, and we reminded him to walk slowly.  If he yelled, he was reminded to whisper and not scare the mama goat. These same principles and skills are required out side the farm, but with people.  It’s good to practice with the animals, who forgive much more easily than people do.  If my son chased you with a stick would you forgive him? Working with animal allows for chores too, such as daily feeding and watering. It gives him a chance to focus on a task that uses his hands and brains, instead of just his brains

My children have seen the circle of life: babies born, raised, sold, die, and some end up on the dinner table.  It has been a amazing experience and it is hard work. But I wouldn’t trade this experience with my kids for anything in the world.


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New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

After Hurricane Katrina I went to New Orleans to help out.  Things don’t always go to plan.

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My Son has Autism Part 2

GOATSThe combination of ADHD and PDD-NOS makes traditional schooling quite difficult.  Our son excels in Math with much practice.  It’s the whole socialization part of school that is difficult.  He is always running afoul of school rules, ending up in the school office. When the phone rings, chances are high that it’s the school calling to tell us he’s been suspended, again.  If the school had its way, it would expel him in a heartbeat. However, he has an Individual Education Plan with lots of help. We’ve moved him to a new school that specialized in autistic students, which has helped, though we still get calls to come get him.  After school, he’ll come home and we’ll try and hammer out some homework.  It’s a good thing I was in the Army, because homework with him is WAR. It takes hours to do a few worksheets.

We’ve discussed home schooling him.  My wife is amazing. She can get through to him when no one else can.  Even then, he goes through waves that even wear on her. If she home schooled him, she would end up prematurely grey, or bald like me.  I’ve probably struggled to adapt to his needs just as much as he has struggled with everything else.  I know his condition, but still have a hard time following the techniques we have to relate to him.  Personal change is hard for me.  Who knows?  Maybe I’m more like him than I realize . . .

It would be a lie for me to say that he limits what we can do. Social setting are hard and when your son is the problem child in the group.  We have a few friends that love him and are patient with him. I’m sure other friends avoid us due to his difficulties. I get it. It’s hard to be friends with us when it takes effort to come to our house and hang out with our family. Or maybe they just don’t understand.

All in all, we wouldn’t have it any other way.  True, our down time is not “kick the boots off” and sit in a recliner and watch TV. We have our family to work on. We love our son and will do anything for him.

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