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A year ago, I had an idea for some tactical pants,s I’m totally surprised this has not been done yet.  The concept is simple. The idea was add molle strap to tactical pants.  So you can customize the placement of you gear, add an emergency rock climbing harness in the pant system and easily converted to a ghillie suit. I had several people want to do business with me. Since I am military, I tried contacting the Army. Needless to say The five different ideas I tried to submit to the military only led to dead ends or no response. I was loyal and started there, well it was time to move on. Next, was the process of networking and looking for a team to put together and checking out all my options. I also started to contact tactical businesses and the few that responded back just wanted the information and did not want to sign a non-disclosure agreement. These guy have their own creative teams and none of them seemed to want to be bothered by the new guy. I thought maybe I could sell the idea or maybe they could manufacture it and I could make a royalty. I was trying to see what my options were. in the mean time I spent $100 and made some prototypes I used LA police gear pants they are like $20 and purchased some materials and learned to sew.


Here are the challenges I have had.  If this idea became popular everyone in the tactical apparel industry could copy it.  It is very difficult to patent pants. As a Newbie this is like a one hit wonder.  So I’ve been thinking of backing up and just branding a clothing line.  T-shirts, hats etc. to see if I could brand the line for a few years and then spend the money on the tactical pants and later on my plate carrier idea and my sweater idea.

I also have some multi-cam  pants I made but they are too awesome to post. Now I have very little knowledge of the clothing industry, making patterns materials etc. I continue to line things up and find the right team. Now this is just a small subset of my ultimate goal. but it is a important to take the time to do some home work.


Just so there is no debate, my finger in not in the trigger well.


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