Craziest Work Experience.

I was working on a Saturday in North Las Vegas, I will tell you nothing good come from North Las Vegas.  The police are meaner too.  I have been pulled out of my vehicle by police there for a fix-it ticket and to my surprise I had to go to court and pay a fine for a fix-it ticket.  That made me mad.  A $400 fine for some trailer deficiencies.  I was in the foreclosure industry securing properties during the 2007-2008 economic crash.  I had too much work and was at a property I had locked up before.  When I got to the front door I noticed it was unlocked.  My work order was to remove some hazards from the property.  As I moved toward the garage I past a bedroom on the right. My peripheral noticed something unusual. I entered the room slowly as the young man came in to view.  My heart was pounding now. He was kneeling on a large blue plastic storage lid and his eyes were closed.  This young black man was inside the closet.  There was a belt around his neck tied to the coat hanger bar. Beside him was a clear gallon water jug 1/3 filled with pink punch.  I slowly moved forward to poke the body.  I felt like at any second the young man would open his eyes.  I was one inch away and stopped.  I was afraid to touch him.  I knew he was dead, but it looked like he was faking it at the same time.  I backed up and noticed the urine stain on his pants.  After about a minute to gather my thoughts I called 911.  I found myself in the front yard waiting when the first police car blew past the cul-de-sac sirens blazing.  Then a second squad car flew past.  The fourth squad car pulled in and the officer said,  “We have a shooting down the road someone will be with you shortly.”  peeling out he sped off.  5 minutes later a young officer showed up bummed he was called to help me and not the exciting shooting down the road.

I gave my statement 4 different times and hung around 3 hours till I was released. For the next 2 weeks the image of the dead body haunted me when I turned the lights off and walked though the house in darkness,  his image floated in the upper right corner.  Even though I knew it was just my imagination from the unique experience I still felt fear.

Foreclosures were a wild ride in my life.  In the 5000 homes I worked on this one is the most memorable.  In fact I started carrying concealed after this event which I find funny that the dead who could cause me no harm made me want to protect my self but the angry people I dealt with never bothered me.

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