GoPro Accessories Review

Product review #2,  GoPro Accessories, FunnyKit,  48 pieces. I love getting free stuff to review.

There were 2 pieces of the 48 I did not like.

#1.  The adjustable bike clamp is fine for still shots but aggressive movement the the clamp rolled 180 degrees or upside down.  So not cool for the bumpy roads.

#2. The selfie stick preformed better than I anticipated.  I question if it will last the test of time.  It’s no Ninja capable, but hey it works.

I think a cool improvement would be a simple accessory to attach any camera or camcorder to the GoPro platform.  If I can describe this properly it is the small threaded bolt that attaches to the bottom of a camera and or camcorder. This could easily be done to transition to a GoPro hinge.   I just googled it and they do make Camera conversion kits for the GoPro.  I definitely want one. It will take this kit to the next level.

I’m definitely going to do some cool stuff with this kit.  It will allow me to some new alternatives when I film.   The head gear and the chest rig are my favorite.  I noticed in the video the chest rig had the smoothest movement on the Skate board and my hands were free.



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