IntelliGLASS is our leading line of screen protectors here at intelliARMOR that are crafted with a unique layering process that combines the following;

An advanced silicone base layer that adheres to your phone or tablet’s screen easily and without bubbles  – all while leaving no residue.

An ultra-hardened REAL glass layer that has been specially treated to have greater scratch resistance than steel.  (try to scratch it with a set of car keys and you’ll see what we mean).

An oil and smudge resistant outer layer that repels fingerprints and makes cleaning your phone’s surface a snap.

Selected reviewers will receive an email with Coupon code to order the model that is compatible with their smartphone or tablet.

I have had another product from IntelliArmor and the quality is awesome. I always see my friends screens cracked so I wanted the best screen protector for my wife’s phone.  I’m totally pleased. I’m sure this material is alien technology.  Maybe not but it’s that cool.

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