Judging Entrepreneurs

There are many opinions on Entrepreneurs. I judge the business by how much skin they have in the game. There are a lot or great business out there so if I pick on you its not personal it just business.

  1. Network marketing, MLM or anything else you want to call them.  These are tough little businesses,  to recruit friends, family and strangers to watch them fail or buy in out of  pressure and guilt. Lots of pep rallies. I have seen many relationships damaged over this. It’s basically a micro franchise (connected to a vacuum).  They are a lot harder than then people think and you can probably make more money with a bucket of soapy water offering car washes to you neighbors, get paid, and your family and friends will love you at the end of the day.
  2. Realtors and sales businesses.  My father was a realtor, he had good years and bad years, I’m actually surprised that with the internet we have not eliminated or reformed Realtors.  There are a few for sale by owner sites and Zillow but no one has yet to remove the person. I bet it could be done with a title company or escrow company.
  3. Franchise.  To be honest it pains me to call Franchisors entrepreneurs.  There is nothing wrong with them, I have considered them from time to time.  I just do not like how they are associated with Entrepreneurship. “Monkey see, Monkey do.”
  4. Trade business.  You’re not reinventing the wheel you’re just moving from employee to business man or jumping into a tradition field of business.  I have done this a few times with Construction and Foreclosures.
  5. Starting a new brand or style within a market.  This is where I feel it’s appropriate to have CEO and Founder on the business card.
  6. New Innovative Idea.  This is really what it is all about in my opinion.  Developing the idea and business into something amazing. I’m biased and love the creative process and the team work etc.  These can be very difficult. This is where I have the most respect. “Go Big or go home.”



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