Joining the military at 35 years old was an interesting choice for me.  Having been self employed for 14 years I felt out of place at times and in many was I excelled. My life experience gave me a huge advantage. From Boy Scouts to being handy, I was sought out for special assignments. Some things challenged me. I learned I can’t drive on the road for long periods of time, my mind just wonders off.

Now if your looking to take you business to the next level you might consider linking up with a qualified soldier. (Emphasis on Qualified) They may not understand pay roll,  but soldiers understand hard work and all the B.S. behind the scenes. Such as sexual harassment training, Equal opportunity training, endless paper work, all the duplication of processes that exist, drug testing and security and they can handle being yelled at and still show up to work.

Plus soldiers have access to many business benefits.  Disabled Vet, Female and minority, that’s a competitive advantage.  Fair or not, that’s just the way it is.  That can be the difference between getting a contract or not.  You might as well as stack the deck where possible.


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