My Son has Autism Part 2

GOATSThe combination of ADHD and PDD-NOS makes traditional schooling quite difficult.  Our son excels in Math with much practice.  It’s the whole socialization part of school that is difficult.  He is always running afoul of school rules, ending up in the school office. When the phone rings, chances are high that it’s the school calling to tell us he’s been suspended, again.  If the school had its way, it would expel him in a heartbeat. However, he has an Individual Education Plan with lots of help. We’ve moved him to a new school that specialized in autistic students, which has helped, though we still get calls to come get him.  After school, he’ll come home and we’ll try and hammer out some homework.  It’s a good thing I was in the Army, because homework with him is WAR. It takes hours to do a few worksheets.

We’ve discussed home schooling him.  My wife is amazing. She can get through to him when no one else can.  Even then, he goes through waves that even wear on her. If she home schooled him, she would end up prematurely grey, or bald like me.  I’ve probably struggled to adapt to his needs just as much as he has struggled with everything else.  I know his condition, but still have a hard time following the techniques we have to relate to him.  Personal change is hard for me.  Who knows?  Maybe I’m more like him than I realize . . .

It would be a lie for me to say that he limits what we can do. Social setting are hard and when your son is the problem child in the group.  We have a few friends that love him and are patient with him. I’m sure other friends avoid us due to his difficulties. I get it. It’s hard to be friends with us when it takes effort to come to our house and hang out with our family. Or maybe they just don’t understand.

All in all, we wouldn’t have it any other way.  True, our down time is not “kick the boots off” and sit in a recliner and watch TV. We have our family to work on. We love our son and will do anything for him.

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