My Son has Autism Part 3

As you’ve seen in my videos, we have a small hobby farm on our property.  We have had goats, sheep, chickens, quail, rabbits, and gardens.  Our son really likes the chickens.  We call him the Chicken Whisperer.  His favorite is a Road Island Red named Brunhilda. Sometimes we find chickens in strange places: in the house, under buckets, and one time in the BBQ.  I can’t imagine what the chickens tell each other behind our backs but they still lay eggs so “No harm, No fowl.”

I have always felt that animals would be important for our son.  We try to teach our boy not to chase the animals, and to move slowly and to talk calmly. One time, when the goats were kidding, we invited our son to come see the babies be born.  We told him of the rules and let him join us to watch.  He started running around, and we reminded him to walk slowly.  If he yelled, he was reminded to whisper and not scare the mama goat. These same principles and skills are required out side the farm, but with people.  It’s good to practice with the animals, who forgive much more easily than people do.  If my son chased you with a stick would you forgive him? Working with animal allows for chores too, such as daily feeding and watering. It gives him a chance to focus on a task that uses his hands and brains, instead of just his brains

My children have seen the circle of life: babies born, raised, sold, die, and some end up on the dinner table.  It has been a amazing experience and it is hard work. But I wouldn’t trade this experience with my kids for anything in the world.


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