I see the world where everyone one has something to offer even if it has no immediate benefit.  Yes, even losers are important too.  I have noticed that some people I have worked with feel networking is schmoozing with people with in the office.  This helps but this is 10% of what networking is.  Networking is meeting people and finding the amazing. When I meet someone I want to know some of their interests.  I’m trying to find their hidden talents such as computers, sewing, plumbing, mad scientist, ghost hunter etc.  You never know when the need for a specific talent arises. I have people call me frequently asking how to do things. Having expertise and contacts make you a central hub.  It makes you the Google in your field or circle of people.  Today we have many shortcuts Facebook, LinkedIn etc. I want you to meet someone new shake some hands, talk to some old people and get out there.

Many moons ago I was with a bartering company and we had our fingers in many crazy deals.  This particular one was a strange man that had an oil field with 50 million barrels of oil. If you Read my post on “Entrepreneurship and Weirdos” this is one of those guys. He wanted $11M for this oil field. So I called my oil geologist contact for his opinion and knowledge.  Never would I have thought I needed an oil geologist but that day I did.

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