Orlando Shooting

My social view on the Orlando Shooting.  People are so quick to pick a sides and have an opinion on no win situations,  Gun control, The Constitution, etc.

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One thought on “Orlando Shooting”

  1. The media and the Internet have made/allowed us to become instantly reactionary. We get the information so fast (even before all the facts are known) and then there are ways people can instantly react on a global platform which fuels the emotional fires. Politicians are then “required” to sweep in and say/do something that will fix it all for us before the investigation has completed and keep our votes. People want quick, sound-bite fixes to nearly everything in life now. And they make snap judgements from headlines, social media posts, news clips, blogs, etc. I’m not saying that you should not pick a side, but please be educated and understand all the facts, the situation, AND the ramifications of the side you back. Fighting about a tragedy hurts more than helps people. And you don’t have to agree on anything to help or support others if they are affected by a tragic event.

    Rick – we might be related…

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