Entrepreneurship and the Weirdos

I get tired of the picture perfect articles out there.  These articles feel fake and synthetic. Many of the people I have done business with are eccentric and strange.  During a lunch meetings their humor and how they treat the waitress was interesting or uncomfortable. I continued to work with these people because they were the best at what they did and delivered a good product or service. If I went else where for the same service found that the normal guys over promised and under delivered. Granted these were custom or cutting edge products. Disappointed I went back to the weirdo for business.  I know this goes against what is preached that you need to look and smell the part.  But I’m hear to tell you the world is filled with strange and unique people. There is truly a place for everyone.  Even in the business world.  ADD, OCD, you might have Asperger for breakfast and just maybe the guy is autistic with numbers or  can power your house with PZ crystals. I have seen blunt and honest sales men, the take it or leave it kind of guys.  To my surprise they sell stuff.  If you are developing something that’s cutting edge take the time to listen and see what the weirdo can do, The odd guy just might surprise you.


Hello Entrepreneurs

Welcome to Dick Allan.

I hope to provide some insight and tools to exercise your mind. To start things off with a small bang.  I’ve attached a picture of Iraq with the smoke from a mortar not to far from me about 12 months ago.

Location, location, location,  right.  even if the stars align things happen that are unexpected and out of our control. In business I have had mortars fall and change the business and even crush the business.  At the same time these events can change the direction of your life.