Replacing Realtors

I recently mentioned to how to replace realtors and I thought that to do so it would be smart to use a title/escrow company.  My initial concept is that you need a title company to process your property and paperwork etc.  If they offered a flat fee to list your property.  I would bring more business to the title company and add some profit by listing the property.  This could immediately take you from a 6% fee to a 3% fee for the realtor. We solved half the problem.  What are your thoughts? How do we make this better or even possible.

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2 thoughts on “Replacing Realtors”

  1. Is buying a home the same as buying a car or some furniture?

    I agree that there has to be a better way then spending 5-6% of the sale of your home to realtors.

    Could you replace realtors with flat fees and a title company? Maybe there is a gap here where title co’s can fill with a little creativity.

    At the same time one cannot discount the personal touch of buying or selling a house and not to mention that it is a little more complicated then buying something off Craig’s List. It also helps to have someone guide you through the process to avoid the pit falls.

    But is that worth 5-6%???

    Good questions but you probably won’t have very many realtors as friends…

  2. True, I might lose some realtors as friends. I think the title companies can still give the personal touch to list and comp the home and handle the contract for the seller for say $1000. The buying agent can still make 3%. They are getting paid the same.

    My purpose is really to make people think. To see a situation and see the possibilities.

    Perhaps there could be an online negotiation. Structured in such a way that it could be done professionally and an online call center could facilitate and smooth out the process. kind of like getting a loan online. I still have not figured out how to show the house and protect the home owner while strangers are walking through some ones home.
    Any thoughts?

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