Shark Week Part 3

Life's a beach
Life’s a beach

Near San Onofre Beach there is a surf spot called Trail One. This place is known for a local tiger shark named Fluffy.  Fluffy was a 5 ft tiger shark. You walk down this trail barefoot, complaining at every pebble you step on. This is a long board spot and the tidal shift was heavy on this particular day.  The water was also colder than usual.  As I paddle out with my small group this dorsal fin rises out of the water about 50 yards out in front of me. Hi fluffy I think to myself. The dorsal fin slowly continues to rise until it appears 3 – 4 feet tall and almost a perfect triangle. I was thinking man, Fluffy got big. The poor guy from Holland that was with us turned his board around and paddled to shore. He had no intention of dying that day. I decided to surf the shore break rather than wait for the larger sets of waves. Man the  shark was big.  I kept my feet together under my long board.  In my mind it made a smaller profile rather than having body parts drifting around attracting attention.  The sun began to set and we surfed to shored to shore.  The next day Trail One was closed and in the news.  2 mega 20′ sharks and a 15′ foot tiger were swimming around. Looking for a food.  A few years before there was a beached whale there.  The high tide brought the smell of death in the water and the sharks could smell it.  I’m sure there are other sharks out there that I never saw.  I just don’t know why Fluffy needed his cousins TiTi, FuFu and FiFi that day.

Our friend from Holland sold his surf board and never surfed again.




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