Shower Head Saves 30% Water

This video is about Showerhead Saves 30% Water.This is an interesting product. So far I like it.
i-Mate 3 Ways 30% Water Saving Shower Head Plus Ionic Filter Handheld Showerhead with 200% Turbocharged Pressure and Energy Ball Filtration for Fixing Dry Skin & Hair
Three Shower Modes: Rainfall, Massage, and Jetting & 3 Layers of Filters in the Shower Head to Get a Spa Shower Experience in Your Bathroom.
LUV Current-limiting Technology:Delivers high-pressure water-saving performance,up to 30% water saving and 200% water speed increasing than typical faucet pressure with steady water flow.
Solid and Durable design: Solid build, No leaks. The design of a transparent high-density filter and the perspective are easy to disassemble and clean.
Negative Ion Technology´╝ÜSoftens and purifies shower water to eliminate dry, flaky skin. Make your skin and hair smoother and softer.
Easy Installation:Connect to any Standard Hose in Seconds,and You’re Ready To Go ( Hose not Included )

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