Live Infinitely Foam Muscle Roller


I love these Foam Rollers Live Infinitely These give my muscles some relief after a work out or just when muscles are stiff and sore.  I’m not going to spend 1000’s of words to do say what a few words can do.  You can find this quality product at Amazon.  I have received 3 products from these guys and all of them are awesome and well made.



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RBX Foam Roller

RBX Fitness Foam Roller – 15x60cm for Massage Therapy & Support
Loosen tight and knotted muscles with the pressure created by your own body weight. Use on commonly tight areas such as the back muscles, calves, IT band, hamstrings, and glutes
15 cm X 60 cm is the ideal length for transport and long enough to target all regions of your body
Use your own body weight to perform balancing and strengthening exercises. High-density foam offers firm support for all body types.
Great addition to home gym for both beginners and advanced users
Prep and protect your muscles for the next workout by massaging and stretching adequately.

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