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My family had a friend who worked in US Air Force Intelligence; real hush-hush type stuff.  Let’s say his name is “Bob”.  He was in the USAF when UFO and alien abductions were the all the rage.  His job was to find people talking about experiences they had with extra-terrestrials, and interview them. After his USAF service, he continued interviewing UFO abductees and published a book that was later banned in the U.S. Bob laughed and said, “There’s a copy of my book at the Congressional Library.” Bob claimed to have met the “Men in Black” and was forbidden to interview a certain abductee. He had seen interesting artifacts too. He even showed me details of the Philadelphia Experiment, and introduced me to concepts like teleportation. I have met some UFO nuts but Bob was legit.

Bob was always skeptical.  Being in his line of business, skepticism was a necessary trait to keep sane from all the UFO/E.T. crazy, day in and day out.  If you go into this work without that, you end up as Agent Mulder without Agent Scully.  Anyway, Bob had three theories when it came to extra-terrestrial existence:

  • There are aliens that come from somewhere in the universe
  • UFOs are from Earth, but exist in a parallel dimension
  • UFOs are the government and they blame aliens, which do not exist

Bob said he developed a way to determine if his interview subjects were crazy, or actually had an extra-terrestrial experience.  But it essentially boils down to this: If the alleged abductee says he/she has a message from E.T., he/she is crazy.  If the subject has experienced something that cannot be explained (maybe like a “tag and release back into the wild”), then it might be the work of aliens.

notsayingaliens.png (550×500)

To make the conspiracy a little more mysterious Bob died several years ago off a cliff in Arizona.


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